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  • Sunflower Room-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This is our smallest room with single occupancy only and has a comfortable twin bed. If you love small intimate...

  • Julia’s Haven-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This room has a queen over queen bunk and is washed in luscious white adorned with a colorful Nature mural....

  • The Woods-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This room has a queen over queen bunk and reflects some of the wild fauna found among the pines outside...

  • Hummingbird-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This room has a double bed and is the perfect retreat room for those seeking quiet and contemplation. This room...

  • Swedish Mountain-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    Named for Hollie and Greta’s grandmother, Swedish Mountain is a large room complete with a working (gas) fireplace and a...

  • Canyon Echoes-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    In the mountain park there is a nearby magical canyon that is short walk from the lodge. This room reflects...

  • Wyoming-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This room has a lovely iron queen bed. Details include a historic map of Yellowstone National Park, hand woven rug...

  • Trail Lover’s-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    This room’s mellow green walls create that feeling of peace that only Nature can inspire. With a queen over queen...

  • Hideaway-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    With 2 windows and bright light streaming in, this room is cheery and emanates the ambiance of a gentle autumn...

  • Celestial Seasons-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    Deep rich blue walls wrap this cozy space while hand painted images of the night sky inspire deep sleep in...

  • Maggie’s Mountain Meadows-Room Rate includes 3.9% tax

    One of our largest rooms, Maggie’s Mountain Meadows is light and airy with a lovely queen bed and an oak...

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Please read and write "approve" in the box above before booking your stay! • Check-in's are scheduled based on the approximate arrival time entered above. If you will be more that 30 minutes early or late, please call (719) 248-0350 to change your check in time. We are sorry, no check-in's before 3pm. If you arrive early, there's plenty to do in the park - hiking, picnic, relaxing. • Cancellations/Refunds: Due to our rural, off-the-beaten-path location, if you cancel 14 days or less prior to your first night of lodging, you will not be refunded for your room cost, but we can offer you a credit for your room cost. Thank you for understanding that there are no exceptions on these policies. • Smoking, pets, incense burning and candles are not permitted in the Lodge overnight facilities. Sorry, but violation of any of these rules will result in a $250 fee charged to you. There is an outdoor designated smoking area located in the parking lot. • The Beulah Valley has very limited water; hence, water conservation is very important to us. We will tell you more about our conservation efforts when you arrive. • Overnight guests have access to a self-serve breakfast area with a microwave, coffee and hot water maker, small refrigerator, utensils, and well stocked with healthy, basic breakfast foods. Note that we are located in a small town with limited access to restaurants…please plan your stay accordingly. Sorry, but ice is not available at the Lodge. • Please keep track of your room key; you will be charged $15 for each lost key that is issued to you. • Please note that cell-phone service in the area of the Lodge can be inconsistent; we do not have TV’s, but we have lots of interesting reading material; wireless internet service is available to guests at no extra charge; there is no air conditioning in the Lodge. • Alcohol is not permitted in any part of Horseshoe Lodge. • Supervised children are always welcome; note that each room is required to have one person age 21 or older. • Please note these additional policies for wedding participants & guests: Alcohol is not permitted in any interior/exterior part of the Lodge; food or beverages (except water) are not permitted in any part of the West Wing; preparation for the wedding is for registered guests only with a limit of 2 people per overnight room; all children are to be accompanied by a parent and supervised at all times. I am aware that the Lodge has stairs, ladders to bunks, potentially slippery walking surfaces, and other potential hazards. I AM AWARE THAT THE LODGE HAS STAIRS, LADDERS TO BUNKS, POTENTIALLY SLIPPERY WALKING SURFACES AND OTHER POTENTIAL HAZARDS. AND I AM VOLUNTARILY UTILIZING THE LODGE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE HAZARDS INVOLVED AND HEREBY AGREE TO ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY AND DEATH.
Please indicate what time you will be arriving at MPEC. Someone will be waiting to check you in at this time. If you will be early or late please call 719-248-0350 to change your check in time
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